I'm Keauna.

I am a serial hobbyist who is skilled in Figma, Miro, Adobe CC and digital illustration. I’m adequate at sewing, pottery and woodwork. I am mediocre at basket-weaving. I quit that one.

I've always been deeply curious, especially about how people think and how we design for people. Way back when I was in high school and attempting to select a college major, I was stuck between choosing psychology and art. Ultimately, I chose fashion merchandising because I felt it was at the intersection of both.

During and immediately post-college I worked as a visual merchandiser, focused on developing creative solutions to display product and serve customer's needs while increasing conversion in stores. As customers transitioned to shopping online, I went online with them and established a career in e-commerce merchandising and user journey optimization.

For me, product design is a continuation of this life-long curiosity in the human condition and how we can design to better serve people.

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Relevant Skills

I help businesses and organizations solve user problems by leveraging my skills in:

UX Research
UI Design
Product Management
Digital Strategy
Digital Merchandising
Digital Illustration
Data Analysis

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